Design and assortment

Modern bathroom has to be beautiful and comfortable, and its equipment must be durable and maintenance-friendly. Everybody wants his bathroom to be not just nice, but harmonically gorgeous. This dream is easy to fulfil with the broad selection of our company’s products and with the opportunity to fabricate monolithic double or triple vanities with sinks of different configurations according to client’s wishes. Among the advantages of our material is that it can be tailored indoors, which allows to build bathroom vanity tops into niches of different forms. Moreover, artificial marble units are easy to restore, which extends their life span substantially. Our products will blend easily into the interior of any apartment or private house. They are also perfect for public facilities and hotel bathroom and lavatory equipment. The SPN company’s products are distributed through the best Latvian and Lithuanian hardware and plumbing stores. We are also exporting massively to Russian and EU markets, and cooperating with master builders and design studios.
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