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The SPN company offers a vast array of high quality bathroom equipment: baths, shower trays, sinks, vanity tops, water closets and bidets made of artificial marble. Baths can be equipped with hydro or aero massage, or with chromoterapy system at your pleasure. Our company’s products are of the highest quality and each unit is provided with the manufacturer warranty for 10 years. Our highly skilled and uniquely experienced personnel guarantees an outright fulfilment of their obligations and individual approach to each client.


Artificial marble is ecologically pure modern material, fabricated on the base of natural crushed marble or quartz aggregate with addition of composite materials manufactured in Europe. Units of this material are coloured inside and out, and they do not decolorize under the influence of time, ultraviolet or water. The SPN company’s products fully conform to all sanitary and technical standards, and they are attested to be absolutely health-friendly, which is approved by the health standard certificate. Artificial marble units possess almost unlimited life span which exceeds 45 years. They are highly resistant to chemical aggression and ultraviolet radiation, do not tarnish with time and preserve the original surface colour. Artificial marble is resistant to all types of mechanical damage, supports heavy loads and does not deform. Owing to surface smoothness and unique manufacturing technology which prevents the formation of micropores, all equipment is easy to maintain clean. If needed, it can be restored and repaired an unlimited number of times.

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