The company manufactures metal constructions for various industrial buildings, hangars, warehouses, sports halls, office buildings and residential buildings.

The metal constructions is manufactured in accordance with the demands set by the European Union and using certified materials.

Plasma cutters are used to cut metal, which allows to cut out details of any shape and size. The advantages of plasma-cutting technology are the swiftness, the applicability to different metals and the ability to cut thick sheets. The speed at which metal is cut with plasma is over two meters per minute, which allows faster execution of the orders.

For welding purposes, semi-automatic welding machines are used. These are considered to be amongst the most effective welding tools in existence. The experts incessantly check the welded joints with an ultrasound controller.

Before painting, the steel structures undergo special treatment with a pellet or sand blasting machine. The use of pellet blast allows to achieve a perfectly clean metal surface, which is essential for further processing of the item. After the cleaning, the items are painted in special painting cells.